Fornetto BBQ Smoker team wins at Girrakool

March 29, 2017 the smokin misfits team girrakool BBQ brisket BBQ Smoker


The Smokin Misfits Fornetto BBQ Smoker Brisket wins first place

Heavy rains ensured a challenging weekend at Girrakool Blues and BBQ Festival for our Fornetto BBQ Smoker team, The Smokin Misfits. Despite the sleep deprivation, a coffee fix helped power the team to win first place in the Brisket category. Gaining sixth place overall, The Smokin Misfits team had a great time and were overwhelmed by the huge amount of interest in the Fornetto range of barbecue smokers.

The Smokin Misfits will be appearing at #meatstocksydney in May 2017. Follow their Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest news on MeatStock and other BBQ contests, competitions and championships.

See below for one of their competition standard recipes.




The Fornetto BBQ Smoker


The Fornetto Razzo’s  high quality construction and product features cater to the requirements of the growing community of BBQ Smoker enthusiasts. These stand-out benefit include sturdy base supports, easy grip and heat resistant handles and knobs, thermometer holes, and 304 culinary grade stainless steel hanging hooks, cooking baskets and grills. The phenolic dials draws the heat and flavoured smoke upward and through the oven chamber, ensuring mouth-watering smoked flavour is distributed through meats, sausages, fish, vegies and other foods. . . even cheese.

Fornetto Charcoal BBQ Smoker Ovens are an innovation in low and slow BBQ smoking and cooking. Succulent, delicious results can be achieved with ease due to excellent heat and smoke retention, and versatility in the many additional cookware options that provide the ability to smoke, heat, roast, bake, steam, grill, or barbecue. You can even add or remove sections quickly to transform into the Razzo into a large capacity BBQ smoker or a compact charcoal pit. Fornetto smoking chips available in Muscatel, Red Wine and Cognac flavours will add an extra dimension to your cook.


Pork Brisket Recipe 


Cooking temperature: Cooked at a temp of 300-325F

Fuel: Briquettes and hickory wood chunks

Prep: When preparing the ribs, remember to remove the bottom membrane from the ribs. This helps the flavour penetrate to ribs. We like to cover our ribs with American mustard first before adding a pork rib rub. Leave this for 1hr to absorb into the ribs before placing it on the smoker.


  1. 45min unwrapped
  2. 45min wrapped tightly in foil. When wrapping the ribs at the 45min point, cover both sides of the ribs with a moderate coating of brown sugar and honey, then place back on the smoker.
  3. Remove ribs from the smoker, add sauce to the ribs then place them back on for 15min to set the sauce. The sauce we used for these ribs was a plum based sauce. It has great colour and sweetness that works great with pork.

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