Butchers Axe Recipe for Smoked Beef Ribs

April 21, 2017 butchers axe fornetto team sample meat

Fornetto’s barbecue competition team, Butchers Axe, share their favourite BBQ recipe – Smoked Beef Ribs (Image courtesy Butchers Axe BBQ Team)


  • 1 Rack of Beef Short Ribs (usually 3 bones)
  • Mr Gritster Coffee Rub (available online or in stores) OR just a mix of 50/50 Salt and Pepper
  • Yellow American Mustard


  • Fornetto Razzo Multi-function Barbecue Smoker OR
  • Gas BBQ (use wood smoking chips in a foil boat to enhance flavour) OR
  • Oven (mix liquid smoke with mustard to enhance flavour)


  1. Remove the thin membrane off the bottom of the beef ribs
  2. Slather in mustard. This is used as a binding agent for the rub
  3. Generously cover the ribs in Rub (either Mr Gritster or S&P)
  4. Add to your smoker/oven/BBQ at 275f/135c
  5. Remove when the internal temperature of the ribs meets 203f/95c (after about 6-8hours)
  6. Wrap in aluminum foil and leave to rest for at least 45min before slicing
  7. Serve with your favourite BBQ sauce and pickles

Hot tips

  • You don’t have to remove the membrane if you don’t want too – this is just a personal preference
  • Don’t stress if you don’t have a meat thermometer, use a skewer to test the done-ness of the ribs. At 203f/95c the skewer should go through the rib like a knife through room temperature butter. If it doesn’t feel like this, keep cooking, it just means it needs a little longer
  • An alternative way to eat these is sliced, in a white roll with coleslaw, pickles and BBQ sauce


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