The Smokin’ Misfits at Meatstock Sydney

June 2, 2017
It definitely took a few good night sleeps to catch up after Meatstock. It was a very busy weekend for the Smokin’ Misfits cooking for the competition as well as chatting to the public. They managed two top 10 call outs, with a 9th for pork ribs and 10th for lamb, ending up 22nd overall, out of 50 teams.
The level of competition was very high, with only the slightest little slip up on any category costing quite a bit in the placings. With so many BBQ competitors, vendor stalls, food stalls and cooking demonstrations going on, the experience of Meatstock was amazing. Thanks to the reliability and consistency of the Fornetto smokers, they had our smokers running for nearly 26hrs and could quite often walk around the event to appreciate it and take it all in.
The team handed in the following meats for the events categories:
  • Chefs choice – Smoked oysters
  • Chicken – Chicken lollipops
  • Pork ribs – Pork ribs
  • Lamb – Lamb ribs
  • Pork – Pulled pork
  • Beef – Brisket slices and burnt ends

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