Big Green Egg

The BIG GREEN EGG has hatched again in Australia and is available at BBQXL in Melbourne. View our range of Big Green Eggs and EGGcessories now. Why are people crazy about the EGG? It's custom design and attention to detail allow for a unique cooking experience. Many chefs and enthusiasts use it for regular cooking. With Big Green Egg charcoal, which is especially chosen for its responsiveness, you will be able to start cooking in around 15 min. The venting controls the temperatures. It's very quick to heat up and very slow to cool down, providing the opportunity to cook at steady temperatures for hours at a time. Featuring high quality Mexican clay, your Big Green Egg does not radiate much heat at all, meaning you can install it in custom tables with the minimum specified clearances. The Big Green Egg also offers its own range of tables especially designed for the Eggs. Products in store now ready for pick up! Call us or come to our showroom.

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