Hark is an exceptional, growing Australian brand with an excellent range of traditional American Style Hark Offset Smokers fuelled by hardwood, charcoal or briquettes.

The Hark Tri Fire and the Hark Texas Pro Pit are built with value, innovation and quality in mind. These smokers and their associated accessories are tried, tested and true.

Hark's extensive gas smoker range includes the space saving Hark Patio Gas Smokerthe versatile Hark 2 Door gas Smokerand the Hark Big Boss Gas Smoker that's ideal for smoking for a large crowd.

They have worked hard to bring the best American completion rubs to Australia and have an unrivalled range for any of your smoking needs. Add the A-Maze-n range of cold smokers and pellet smokers into the mix and Hark have all your smoking needs covered

Hark, synonymous with grilling, roasting and smoking!

Quality and Affordable Offset American Style smokers Extensive range of Gas Smokers Extensive Range of Smoking accessories A-Maze-n Range of cold and pellet smokers The ultimate range of Smoking Rubs

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