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Redheads® Firelighters are manufactured with strict quality control to ensure that each cube ignites easily and have a long burn time. Redheads® Firelighters come in individual pop-out cubes for ease and convenience. Redheads® Firelighters are ideal for lighting all types of solid fuel including wood, briquettes, charcoal and coal. Use for BBQs, kettle BBQs, open fires, slow combustion heaters, incinerators and camp fires.
Directions for use:

When using Redheads® Wood Charcoal BBQ Fuel or Wood Logs:

  1. Place 3 or more Redheads® Firelighters in the fuel and ignite.
  2. When necessary, add more fuel.
When using in open fire or slow combustion heater:

  1. Place 3 or more Redheads® Firelighters on the grate.
  2. Cover with small pieces of wood fuel and ignite
  3. When necessary, add more fuel.

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