NAPOLEON 605 Single Fridge Corner Array Outdoor Kitchen


SKU: Napoleon 605 Single Fridge Corner Array Outdoor Kitchen


Napoleon 605 Single Fridge Corner Array Outdoor Kitchen (Please specify Natural Gas or LPG Bottle Gas BBQ and Side Burner)

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• Internationally Recognised Brand
• 304 Grade Stainless Steel (Lifetime Warranty)
• Double Insulated Roll Back Hood
• ACCU – PROBE Temperature Gauge
• 304 Grade Stainless Steel Wave Grills
• Infra-red Ceramic Searing Station
• I-GLOW Blue Lighting for Night Ambience
• Rotisserie Holder (Rotisserie Sold Separately)
• Hybrid LPG Gas and Charcoal Barbeque
• Natural Gas or LPG

What’s Included:

  • 2 x Universal Cabinet with End Caps: (SC-UNI)
  • 2 Drawer Under Grill Cabinet for 605: (UGC-605)
  • 2 x 45 Degree Connection Kit: (SC-45T)
  • 90 Degree Corner Granite Top (GT-06)
  • Single Door Fridge Module: (SC-FS)
  • Single Door Beefeater Fridge: ( BS28130)
  • Sink, Tap (Hot & Cold): (SC-SINK)
  • Side Burner: (N370-0505 NG) OR N370-0504 LPG)
  • 2 x Door & Shelf Kit: (SC-SK)
  • 1 Door Fridge Module Granite Top (GT-10)
  • 2 x Granite Top with Cut Out (GT-02)
  • Granite Strip for 605 UGC (GS-605)

• LPG Models come with LPG Bottle Slider
• Rotisserie Accessory is an optional extra

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