Ethanol Fuel For VioFlame Fireplaces and Heaters.


  • It is important to use the correct Ethanol in the correct appliance. Only use fuels recommended for use by the manufacturer.
  • NEVER USE ANY OTHER TYPE OF FUEL such as petrol, kerosene, or turpentine, or blended Ethanol (E10 for example) in an Ethanol fireplace. These fuels are highly volatile and are not suitable for use in an ethanol fireplace. Use of these fuels in an ethanol fireplace is extremely dangerous.
  • Read the appliance manufacturer’s instructions before filling or using.
  • Always provide adequate ventilation where the appliance is used.

Why Viofuel?

VioFuel Ethanol Fire Fuel is designed and recommended for use in most Ethanol fireplaces. It burns with a beautiful yellow flame and is scented with a gentle aromatic fragrance.


VioFuel Ethanol is produced from molasses, the by product of sugar milling. The molasses is distilled to produce Ethanol. VioFuel Ethanol is produced from Sugar Cane; a renewable resource and is considered to be a sustainable fuel.

What is Ethanol

In Australia, Ethanol goes by many names: Bioethanol, Denatured Alcohol, Methylated Sprits, Ethyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol. It is an alcohol which is made by fermenting the sugar and starch components of plant materials by using yeast or other microorganisms. Ethanol is a clear, colourless, flammable liquid. Ethanol and ethanol blends are used in a variety of applications including automotive power, transport, aviation and of course, heating. Ethanol is widely used in the manufacture of perfumes and  varnishes; in the preparation of many flavourings and essences and in the production of many medicines and drugs.

Why Ethanol?

Ethanol is a clean, convenient, safe and easy to use fuel, suitable for use in today’s modern ethanol fireplaces. Ethanol’s stable burning characteristics, heat output, and low odour make it a great fuel for use in ethanol fires; where both heat and a real flame are desired to create the look and feel of a real fire without the mess or hassle of traditional forms of fireplaces.

Clean Facts:

For every 1 litre of Ethanol burnt, over 900 ml of water vapour is emitted. Ethanol is a renewable, sustainable fuel

What is a Denaturant?

Ethanol is a pure alcohol. A denaturant is added to prevent the liquid being used in beverages for human consumption.

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