Fornetto Razzo Multi Function Smoker 18″ Midnight Black


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– 18″ Enamelled Cook Chamber
– 304 Grade Stainless Steel Grills, baskets and hardware
– 10.69 Us Gallons/8.9 Imperial Gallons
– Sealed Access Doors
– Supplied with 2 baskets and a grill
– Extra Wide Aluminium Feet for Extra support
– Phenolic Air Control Dials
– Silicone Coated Handles
– Holes to easily insert Digital Thermometers



There’s nothing that says ‘summer’ more than the delicious smell and mouth-watering taste of food cooked outdoors with family and friends. Now outdoor entertaining has just got easier and tastier with Fornetto’s new Razzo Multi-Function Smoker.

With this all-in-one, multi-purpose outdoor smoker, you can smoke, roast, steam or barbecue a whole host of meat, fish, seafood, vegetables – anything you like – using charcoal or wood, for that authentic, sought-after smokey flavour that will have your dinner guests begging for more.

Featuring two oven chambers and two stainless steel internal stackable baskets, plus grill, the Razzo will have every outdoor chef cooking up a storm. Each section is removable so you can cook for as many or as few as you like. Cook entrée, main and even dessert for a large group, or reduce the size to just one chamber for simple charcoal barbecue cooking that you can take with you to a party, camping or out to the park.

“Charcoal cooking is becoming incredibly popular, with so many Aussies switching onto the ‘low and slow’ way of cooking to add another dimension to their barbecue cooking skills. The Razzo makes it easy to produce great tasting food using the traditional cooking methods of wood, fire and smoke, using the highest quality materials to deliver outstanding results,

The Razzo is made using the highest quality enamelled stainless steel to help retain heat and withstand high temperatures. Easy grip phenolic door handles provide protection while stainless steel tripod legs provide stability. A temperature gauge enables you to monitor food while it cooks whilst two oven doors allow you to top up with water or fuel as required.


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